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Save more than 50% of your HR cost.
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Great HR at the fraction of the cost


Tighten HR policies + processes

Enhance and streamline your HR policies and processes to ensure compliance, efficiency and a positive workplace culture.


Ensure HR compliance

Guarantee HR compliance through aligned policies & practices, minimising legal risks and fostering a secure, harmonious work environment.


Advice on staff disciplinary issues

Navigate staff disciplinary matters with expert guidance, ensuring fair, consistent actions that uphold morale and reinforce professionalism.


HR administrative support

Receive efficient operational support, relieving your team from non-value added HR tasks, enabling focus on strategic initiatives for business growth.

Have a peace of mind

Leave HR to us.
So that you can focus on things that really matter.

What we


Setting policy + processes

Establish comprehensive HR policies & processes tailored to your organisation, promoting consistency, transparency, and effective management of employees.

Employee administration

Efficiently manage HR operations from managing employee records, benefits and leave administration, compliance and employee onboarding for a streamlined and organised workplace.

Employee engagement

Foster positive employee relations through responsive handling of inquiries, effective performance management administration, and insightful exit interviews, promoting engagement and continuous improvement.

Discipline + Grievances

Expertly manage employee disciplinary matters and grievances by providing supportive counselling, structured Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs), and strategic industrial relations advisory, ensuring a harmonious workplace and risk management.



with us

Our system now includes 29 additional HR modules.

We have honed our skills over 25 years of experience in the field.

10+ supported industries

Our 10+ supporting industries help us deliver high-quality services to our clients.

7.5k outsourced payroll processed a month

Our outsourced payroll solution successfully processes 7.5k payroll transactions per month.

100+ customisable HR reports

Our HR platform provides a wealth of data through over 100 customizable reports.

29 HR modules

Our system now includes 29 additional HR modules.


We have built a reputation as a trusted HR service provider, committed to excellence, integrity, and confidentiality, delivering results while maintaining the highest professional standards.

Industry exposure

With a diverse HR experience base that includes covering different industries and workforce, we understand the specific challenges of your industry, allowing us to deliver industry-specific expertise.

Deep HR experience

Our extensive experience enables us to handle a wide range of HR challenges, from compliance issues, retrenchment to performance management, ensuring smooth operations and risk mitigation.

Strong HR board of advisors

Benefit from the guidance of our experienced HR professionals who serve as trusted advisors, providing expert insights and strategic support tailored to your unique needs.

Client portfolio

Join our impressive client portfolio, comprising satisfied clients from various industries and company sizes, demonstrating our ability to meet diverse HR needs and deliver exceptional solutions.

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Get HR on-Demand

From RM1,000 a month.

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