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advisory work

“Ready, fire, aim” – this is the reality of how growth-driven companies operate.


We help growth-driven companies design and implement the right HR strategies along the way so that they can scale right. But more than that, we offer on-demand advisory on critical and time-sensitive HR challenges that need solving immediately.

Here’s the good thing ——

Our HR advisory service is on-demand so that you can allocate critical resources on your core business.

What we


Leadership development

We help develop strong leadership by aligning their goals with your business strategy through coaching and mentorship.

Culture building

We assist in manpower planning, defining hiring requirements, and creating employee personas to attract and retain the right talent.

People strategy

We assist in manpower planning, defining hiring requirements, and creating employee personas to attract and retain the right talent.

Building high performance

We help build a skilled and motivated workforce through performance management, goal-setting, and employee development programs.

Performance management

We establish a robust performance management system with clear expectations, regular feedback, and performance improvement plans.

Industrial relations

We guide you in managing labor laws, resolving conflicts, and implementing fair employment practices for harmonious employee relations.



with us

Real World Experience

Our consultants have the blend of advisory and corporate experience with over 20+ years in the management consulting and commercial space.

Wide & Deep Exposure

This means we have worked with a diverse set of clients from varied industry verticals - from management consulting, telecommunication, education, FMCG to minimum Series A start-ups.

Track Record

Proof of the pudding is in the eating. Our client portfolio says it all.

Behaviour Driven

How we approach our work is driven by our corporate behaviour. This is essential as you will understand why we do what we do and how we do it. The by-product of our work is our fees.


We have built a reputation as a trusted HR service provider, committed to excellence, integrity, and confidentiality, delivering results while maintaining the highest professional standards.

Industry experience

With a diverse client base that includes retail businesses, we understand the specific challenges of your industry, allowing us to deliver industry-specific expertise for effective HR strategies.

Deep HR Experience

Our extensive experience enables us to handle a wide range of HR challenges, from compliance issues to performance management, ensuring smooth operations and risk mitigation.

Strong HR board of advisors

Benefit from the guidance of our experienced HR professionals who serve as trusted advisors, providing expert insights and strategic support tailored to your unique needs.

Strong client portfolio

Join our impressive client portfolio, comprising satisfied clients from various industries and company sizes, demonstrating our ability to meet diverse HR needs and deliver exceptional solutions.