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20 September 2023

Decoding Payslip Requests: Impact on Recruitment in Southeast Asia

Recent discussions on X (formerly known as Twitter) have highlighted the growing trend of employers requesting candidates' payslips during recruitment processes across Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, Manila in the Philippines, and Jakarta in Indonesia.

This practice, common among HR outsourcing companies and HR consultancy firms, serves to validate employment history and past salary packages in talent acquisition.

Employers utilise payslips to align candidates' salary expectations with offered packages and project potential salary increments based on prior earnings. However, the request for payslips raises concerns among individuals navigating the hiring process, especially in HR in Malaysia, regarding the balance between showcasing qualifications and safeguarding financial privacy.

Candidates face a dilemma, weighing their enthusiasm for roles against the confidentiality of sharing personal financial data. While disclosure might seem vital for advancing in the hiring process, it sparks discussions around privacy protection and fair evaluation based on skills and qualifications.

This emerging practice underscores the need for a comprehensive assessment framework in HR consulting and executive search, emphasising skill-based evaluations over previous salary histories. Discussions advocate for transparency in recruitment practices while respecting candidates' privacy rights, shaping the evolving landscape of job interviews.

As the discourse continues, there's a call for a balanced approach, navigating the demand for transparency in HR consultancy companies while safeguarding the privacy of candidates' financial information during executive search processes.

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