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2 August 2023

Myths vs Truths in HR

How do you view your HR department?

There are many stereotypes and myths circulating about Human Resources. So, let's debunk some of these myths:

Myth 1: HR is just a personnel department

Fact 1: HR handles documentation, record-keeping, compliance, and oversees policies and procedures. HR professionals require interpersonal skills, time management, and the ability to represent people's interests alongside these administrative tasks.💡

Myth 2: HR job is just hiring and firing employees

Fact 2: HR manages the entire employee lifecycle. They strategise efficient sourcing, hiring, and employee management aligned with the company's mission and goals for success.📈

Myth 3: HR is always on the company's side

Fact 3: Effective HR professionals work with employees to resolve issues, ensuring fair treatment aligned with organisational goals. You can make a difference for your employees while adhering to company policies.🤝🏻

Explore how HR in Malaysia and HR consulting services redefine these myths, shaping a progressive HR landscape for your organisation.

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